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Dog Kisses fix everything

I love the handbag so much. I placed my order from Germany and am approached very often when I have the bag with me. It is beautiful and very well made.

Horse Handbag

Love it. Wish it would have had a zipper closure for the top. But I still love it and between the handbag and the clutch wallet I get a lot of people asking where I got them. I immediately send them a link to your website.

Really neat but heads up.

I love the color and I love that my pups are on it. However I would think the sizing of the text and your pups would be according to the size you order I have a queen size bed but it seems like the print is large enough to be on a king. As you can see one of my dogs is halfway off and if I want the comforter to fit with even side drops that's how it has to be placed. The sample shown appears to be a full to queen size bed with three dogs on it and the text totally on it. It was misleading to me because if they could fit three dogs on the bed part I thought my two dogs would fit on the bed part. I just think if the set up adjusted to the size of the bed it would. It would be concerning to me what a twin size might look like.

My babies

My daughter absolutely loved it I had several people wanted to know where I got it. I told them so maybe they will order. I will definitely be ordering again.

Porte monnaie

Très beau


The graphics were amazing!the comforter is very light weight with no filling.its almost like 2 sheets sewn together.i expected it to be heavier or quilted. I rate it a 4 /5 due to the graphics, and color.

Loved this bag

I ordered this bag for my sister as a birthday gift. She loved it!

Personalized duvet need set

I got this as a surprise for my husband. We recently lost our 8yr old German Shephard to cancer. We were devastated. He missed her so much everyday. She would often sleep with us in bed so I thought this would be perfect. As if she was right there on the bed when we walk into the room. I put it on the bed while he was busy somewhere else in the house, he had no idea. When he walked into the room and saw it for the first time, he was speechless. Brought a tear to his eye. The picture looks just like her! I want sure if it made him sad or miss her more but he said no. He loved it!! So I am so happy with my purchase, I didn't even know that something like this was out there. The as came across my phone one day out of the blue, at the perfect time because I was wondering what to get for his birthday and he had just lost Sonja and a if by fate there was the ad for a memorial gift.! It's good quality material too. Good value for the price which to me is priceless. Thank you BMGifts for providing this service. It's like she is there with us every night. I can't wait to get the purse I seen next!


It’s just perfect. We all three enjoy it. It’s soft and smooth. Very satisfied with it.


This is my second purse and I am a little disappointed. Part of my purse has come apart and it's not even a month old.

Front door rig

I love my rug, gotten so many compliments from friends and family. This company makes great and reasonable priced products.

All in the Family

What fun to put everyone who’s in the family on a door mat of a true Grinch lover.

Satisfied with the door mat overall

The door mat is very cute and it was as shown on the app. The only thing is it is thin and may not do well as an outdoor mat. I am not sure how long it will last outdoor with the high traffic. I decided to use it inside instead to preserve the life of the mat.

Material Not Great

The personalized bag that I purchased for my mom's birthday was beautiful but after I opened the package, the clip pieces on two of the four sides popped off and considering how much I paid, I was very unhappy about it. If you could fix this issue in any way, please do. I hesitate on ordering anything else in the future if nothing comes out of this. And I may suggest to others not to purchase anything from your site.

Well worth it!

The set is beautiful. Well made, feels great. Very happy with my purchase.

Duvet, purse and wallet

I absolutely love ❤️ them. My baby's pic on all. Thank you so much

Love it

Very well made. Great color. Have received many compliments.

Dog couple door mat

Very cute and well done, decent quality, shipping was timely. Would recommend.


I love how this looks, I have it on my car key chain so I can always have him with me while I am driving around...other people see it and say how great it looks....I love that it has a real picture of the two of us on the back side. I love how they have a variety of different ideas to choose from. Great gift giving for someone you don't know what to get. Thank You!

I am extremely pleased with my order ☺️

I have received numerous compliments on this bed spread not only from my family but also from friends and people who have seen it in my Facebook posts. Both Boxers actually resemble my Boxers. The one on the left passed away in August from cancer and as you see by the picture over my bed to me it resembles him. Hope is my bundle of energy and silly girl. The tongue hanging out like that is exactly what she looks like after doing several laps around the yard. The detail and sewing isn't cheaply done and I expect the quilt to last quite some time. The pillow cased were perfect as well....I was expecting to have to fight to get my over stuffed bamboo pillows in the pillow case. Nope....they went in easily with a little extra room. I greatly appreciate that! I have shared a picture with my family, friends as well as a post with no negative comments. Merry Christmas everyone and may you, your loved ones and friends have a Happy and Blessed New Year 😊

I got so many compliments

Best place ever to keep the memories of mommy's angels

The Purse

This purse is suppose to be leather I paid $50.00 for plastic. If you look at a few pictures in the reviews the brown is not shiny and this purse has a odor to it! I was going to get the bed set but not wasting my money! I am calling BBB next week for saying items are leather when they are not!

Love my bed

the pups on the bedding look just like my babies,

Pocketbook and purse

My sister loved the photo pocket book and purse it had a defective strap and they said there sending her a new one.
But it was very nice and she loves it . ty